Buying Home In Italy [Book Review]

2013-07-18T14:39:00+01:00By |Books|

This Buying Home in Italy is the first book I have bought about the subject. I found out later that there are many works with a similar title, and I can understand why. Buying a second home in Italy is definitely more appealing that starting an Italian company, unless you are a big multinational corporation [...]

Italian Cultural Studies [Book Review]

2013-07-18T14:42:32+01:00By |Books|

If you are a student, or an enthusiast of Italian matters, this is the book for you. A collection of articles written both by Italians and non-Italians, some easier to read, some more academic, all very interesting. Both the authors are fellow lecturers in their universities, Forgacs in Cambridge and Lumley at the University College [...]

A Concise History Of Italy [Book Review]

2013-07-18T15:02:21+01:00By |Books|

First of all, the book is NOT a concise history of Italy, but a massive 338 pages excellent summary of the Italian history, from the moment that the country was officially born in 1861, with some glance of the previous 1500 years. So - yes - it’s “A Concise History of Italy” because everything is [...]

Starting a Business in Italy [Book Review]

2013-07-18T16:20:32+01:00By |Books|

This is my first book review and - guess what? - it's about one of my potential competitor (joking). Starting a Business in Italy by Emma Bird and Mario Berri is the first book I bought on when I started my own firm. I like to scout what other authors say about doing business [...]

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