How to Be Published on Amazon Without Any Real Effort

One of my clients from New York was quite impressed by finding my name on Amazon. Well – I admit – I am impressed AND surprised.

I was appointed to write this book years ago, for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity hosted in Italy in 2005. Nobody planned to publish the book at the time – definitively not me – and to be entirely honest I didn’t plan to get the job as well. Let’s say that I was in the right place at the right time, and very very lucky.

The “right place” was a meeting at the Italian Ministry of Environment to discuss a completely different agenda. The “right time” is always essential. And luck – well – I am Italian and I believe in luck. A master in law at the KU Leuven University in Belgium was helpful too. Italians are always impressed by foreign universities.

It’s not the destination but the journey.

So I am on, it’s a great goal – although unplanned – however writing the book was a great experience itself, not to mention the good company I had. I spent some amazing weekends researching Italian natural parks, working during the week as a full time lawyer. I got the help of Chiara Rezia Loppio, a passionate Phd in natural and environmental science, and her husband. It’s a pity that only Chiara has been included in the list of adviser by the Ministry, and not her husband. I still own him one.

The destination is sometimes too expensive.

Years later, the book is on Amazon for almost US$30, a bit too much in my opinion.

“Mr Editor, the book promote many Italian natural parks, it’s good for our tourism, please reduce the price”.

The Editor can’t be so bad, he describes me as a “lawyer who works regularly with international treaty law, the United Nations, and environmental concerns”. I am no modest person, but I would like to meet the guy behind the text. Thank you Mr Editor, this is a pure boost for my ego.

P.S. – If you buy the book, drop me a line. I don’t get any share of the $30 but I will still buy you a coffee when you are in Italy.


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  1. AWESOME That’s a whole stock of UN logos on top. You should be proud. My grandfather was born in Campania. Where do you come from?

    1. Thanks Richard, awesome indeed … and quite a lot of luck 🙂

      I was born in Abruzzo, although I left Italy the first time when I was 18 to New York. I still go to NYC from time to time, a great city that never left my heart.

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