Business Italy: A Practical Guide To Italian Business Culture [Book Review]

The good idea behind Business Italy, is it’s focus to any aspect of the Italian life, not just company business. If you understand how they think, you can deal with Italians to buy a house in Italy, to provide a consultancy service, to manage your architect. In short, reading this book can improve your life in Italy, no matter in what kind of business or activity you are part of. This is the goal of the authors anyway. The reality is that the book could have been quite better and complete.

Recommended if you are an American and you are looking for at-a-glance comparison between the two cultures. Also recommended if you have already read a few books about Italy and you want to focus on culture. On the contrary, if you are on your first readings about Italy, you will probably prefer Italy – Culture Smart! a sort of classic by Charles Abbott.

If you have a specific request about business and Italy, drop us an email. We have wrote so many articles for our clients, and made many speeches that – maybe – it’s time to write our own book. If I like your idea, I will send you a free copy, and buy a full aperitivo in Milan or Rome. Promise!


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