How to Choose a Company Name in Italy

2013-07-18T15:20:18+01:00By |How-to Italy|

Good news for the new business in Italy. You can choose any the name you want, even the name of an existing company. In many countries, such as England where I am also registered lawyer, you can’t call your business with the same name of an existing company, to avoid confusion and fraud. This is [...]

Sole Trader Italy

2013-07-18T15:28:11+01:00By |Start a Business|

Setting up as a sole trader is one of the most popular way to start a business in Italy, and it’s still quite common because it’s easy and cheap. Sole trader registration is straightforward, accountancy is simpler than a limited company, and you can use part of the money in the bank account for your [...]

Certificate of Good Standing in Italy

2013-07-18T16:04:41+01:00By |Certificate & Apostille|

If you are looking for a Certificate of Good Standing: In Italy you need to ask for a 'Certificato della Camera di Commercio' (Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce) About the Certificate of Good Standing The Certificate of Good Standing confirms that the company has current legal status in Italy. It usually provides the basic [...]

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