Sole Trader Italy

2022-07-07T19:45:04+01:00By |Start a Business|

Setting up as a sole trader is one of the most popular way to start a business in Italy, and it’s still quite common because it’s easy and cheap. Sole trader registration is straightforward, accountancy is simpler than a limited company, and you can use part of the money in the bank account for your [...]

Subsidiary in Italy

2013-07-18T15:41:34+01:00By |Start a Business|

Subsidiary is a general name for every Italian company owned by a foreign company. If your foreign company setup an Italian limited company (SRL) or an Italian joint stock company (SPA) or an Italian partnership (SAS) or any other form of company, these companies are all called "subsidiaries". In short a Subsidiary is not a [...]

Italian Ready Made Company

2013-03-20T09:05:05+00:00By |Start a Business|

From the very moment my firm open the doors in 2005, I was regularly asked if Italy allows shelf companies. If you are not familiar with the term, a 'shelf company' or 'ready made company' is a company incorporated by a firm without a client. The company is then archived (thus "put on a shelf") [...]

Italian Light Branch

2013-07-18T15:56:41+01:00By |Start a Business|

A Light Branch is an excellent choice for any business which want to expand into Italy, but want to avoid all the costs associated with incorporating a new subsidiary. A Light Branch has all the capabilities of a Representative Office; It has a company number and it is duly registered at the Chamber of Commerce [...]

Italian Limited Liability Partnership (SAS)

2013-07-18T16:24:21+01:00By |Start a Business|

I have read quite often on the internet about a mighty Italian Limited Liability Partnership (S.A.S. or Società in Accomandita Semplice). Well, that's wrong. An Italian Limited Partnership has NO Limited Liability at All. The managing partners of an Italian Partnership (SAS) have full liability, and they guarantee the debt of the company with all [...]

Italian Joint Stock Company (SpA)

2013-07-18T16:29:27+01:00By |Start a Business|

The SpA is the most prestigious company in Italy, similar to the PLC in UK and the public corporation in USA. If your business requires trust more than usual, or you need to work with significant letter of credits or loans, you should probably start your Italian venture with a SPA. Another common reason to [...]

Representative Office Italy (UR)

2013-07-18T16:40:23+01:00By |Start a Business|

An Italian representative office "Ufficio di Rappresentanza" follows the usual international rules, however there are a few local insides that you should known. Like in any other country, a representative office provides a presence in Italy, to promote your company and your products. The key word is "promotion" not "trading". Your representative office CANNOT send [...]

Italian Limited Liability Company (SRL)

2013-07-18T16:48:15+01:00By |Start a Business|

My very first article on Italian companies is not surprisingly about the S.R.L., the Italian Limited Liability Company or - in Italian - Società a Responsabilità Limitata. This is the most popular tool among foreign investors. If your business doesn't require a specific type of company, you will probably start your Italian venture with an [...]

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