Certificate of AmendmentIf you are looking for an Article of Amendment

  • in Italy you need to ask for a ‘Registrazione in Camera di Commercio
    (it means ‘filing to the Chamber of Commerce’)

If you are looking for a Certificate of Amendment to prove that the amendment has been successful

  • in Italy you need to ask for a ‘Certificato della Camera di Commercio
    (It means ‘Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce’)

About the Certificate of Amendment

In order to change an element of your company (i.e. change of registered address, change of director, etc.) many countries require the filing of an Article of Amendment to a dedicated public office. At the end of the process you get a Certificate of Amendment proving that the change has been made.

Corporate Amendments In Italy

Italy is no exception to the general rule. You are required to file any corporate change to the Chamber of Commerce. Usually this activity is managed by Chartered Secretaries (‘Società di Servizi Autorizzata‘) or Chartered Accountants through their online system. The Director of the company can file the change as well, just be prepared to take long queues at the Chamber of Commerce, because you can’t access the system online.

Certificate of Amendment in Italy

There is no dedicated Certificate of Amendment in Italy however – after you file the changes – you can ask for an updated Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce (‘Certificato della Camera di Commercio‘),  best known among my clients by the nickname of “The Super Certificate”.

Certificate of the Chamber of CommerceThe Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce includes the certificate of incorporation, the certificate of good standing, an abstract of the corporate resolutions, a certificate of incumbency and a few more information. You can’t confuse it with any other certificate, since it’s of a scary green with a gold stamp (see the image).

On the contrary, if you need the information for your internal use only, probably a simpler and cheaper Visura’ is enough. Think to the Visura as the poorer cousin of the Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce. It has more or less the same information and it’s less expensive. The only issue is that a Visura resemble a word document that anybody can write (and fake) and its front page shows a very official phrase in Italian that can be translated as “this document has no legal value”. Not really helpful if you want to prove your good job to your shareholders or auditors.

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