Certificate of Incorporation in Italy

Certificate of Incorporation ItalyToday I am going to write the very first post for our “Certificate Directory”. My goal is to develop an open director of Italian certificates to help easily find what you need, both for corporate and individuals.

In Italy not only do we have an impressive number of different certificates but – if you are based in a common system such us USA, UK, India, etc. – the structure is likely to be different too. For instance, we don’t have a stand alone certificate of incorporation. I have seen many company incorporations or acquisitions at risk of failure, just because the foreign businessman and the Italian lawyer or notary public were unable to communicate the right document.

In every post of this series you will find (i) the common international name of the certificate, (ii) the Italian name and (iii) the office/authority/place where you can find it. In time we plan to move all this information in a small search engine. It will be time consuming and we need some cheers, so – if you think is a good idea – please write your comment at the end of the post.

Certificate of Incorporation

If you are looking for this document, than you should ask for:

  • ‘Certificato della Camera di Commercio’ (Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce)

About the certificate

In Italy the Certificate of Incorporation is not a stand alone document. It’s included in the Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce (Certificato della Camera di Commercio) together with the Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate of Incumbency.

This Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce describes, among other information, the company name, company number and date of incorporation. It is usually required by banks when opening a bank account and other public institutions.

Where you can find it

As you can imagine by its name, this certificate is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where the company is resident and could be legalized with Apostille or certified by the Consulate of the target country to be used abroad.

It could be acquired at the local Chamber of Commerce in person (sorry, no original online certificate in Italy) or by phone/email from a Chartered Secretaries firm (in Italian Società di Servizi Autorizzata). If you decide to go in person, it’s better to line up in the early morning. Especially in the major cities, the line could take a few hours.

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