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Italy BusinessIf you are reading this article, you are probably interested in doing business in Italy, you are just curious about Italy, or you just want to reduce the pain of the Italian bureaucracy. This is exactly the mission of this blog.

My name is Stefano Tresca, I am former programmer and start up entrepreneur, who became a lawyer, and had the unexpected idea of going back to his native country (Italy) in 2005. At the time I was living in Brussels, a very charming city and the political capital of the European Union, working as a regulator and lobbyist. In such an international environment, everybody was complaining about how difficult it is to do business in Italy.

That was quite similar to my experience with a much bigger country, China. When I first started dealing with China in 1996 everybody was complaining about the system. I agree, China was challenging but not SO challenging IF you know the culture and the right people. Italy is quite the same, it’s painful to be successful (which country isn’t that way?) but once you have some local help it can be very rewarding.

So in 2005 I was back in Italy to setup a very small law firm, very business oriented, part of which I sold in 2010 to a British multinational corporation. As a result, I have more time to teach, to run my own business angel and – yes – to write this blog.

So what’s the mission of AIT (Attorney

At we will provide very practical information on the Italian law and business, with a special focus to how-to start a company in Italy, purchase an Italian company, and deal with the Italian bureaucracy.

For individual, we will discuss real estate, inheritance, trusts and foundations. We didn’t start our career in these areas, but in the years we get so many inquiries from our corporate clients that we eventually developed quite an expertise.

We will be challenging various misconceptions the foreigners has about Italy, including that connections and corruptions can solve any issue. This is simply not true, and foreign investors waste every year huge sum of money without any real result.

It’s not the Royal “We” but a community.

Stefano TrescaLast but not least, our goal is to create a community to welcome foreign investors in Italy. This is why you will read the word “we” more often that “I”. In these very initial days, I should run the show. But in the next weeks I will involve my former colleague to share their experience with us.

And what’s the price?

All the information in this website are free, however there is a price I think you would be happy to pay.  The price and currency is your time and involvement:- Post your opinion, ask your questions, share your point of view, in other word please participate and you will be rewarded.

In the last 7 years I had the chance to open more than 100 companies for foreign investors and consult clients in more than 50 countries. I don’t want to lie, my first goal was to bill my fee, still it was challenging and exciting. I have worked with the “usual suspects” (USA, Germany, UK, France, Ireland, etc.) as well as India, China, Brazil and many other “new” countries. I have brought to Italy the first Malaysian business in the market of organic food, and I have helped one of the most famous Italian brand dealing with Thailand.  The most extravagant jobs has been probably setup a Consulate for an offshore country, and open an Orthodox Church.

I have kissed some frogs that didn’t become a prince, but I have also meet some of the most interesting men and women of my career. Every time, I have been more helpful to my client when my client was open to me. This website is the natural sequel of my previous job. There are no billable hours, but I still need your help.

So post, ask, agree or criticize, in short participate, and in exchange I will setup a team to solve your issues. That’s my promise.

June 16th 2012
Stefano L. Tresca

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