Starting a Business in Italy [Book Review]

2013-07-18T16:20:32+01:00By |Books|

This is my first book review and - guess what? - it's about one of my potential competitor (joking). Starting a Business in Italy by Emma Bird and Mario Berri is the first book I bought on when I started my own firm. I like to scout what other authors say about doing business [...]

Corporate resolutions in Italy

2013-07-18T16:30:29+01:00By |Certificate & Apostille|

You can be quite amazed but it's true: any corporate resolution in Italy should be written or printed on two old fashion corporate books: the Book of the Shareholders and the Book of the Directors. They should be prepared immediately after the company incorporation and sealed by a notary public or the Chamber of Commerce. [...]

VAT Refund Italy : 6 Months Deadline

2013-07-18T16:37:17+01:00By |Hot News|

From today - June 21st 2012 - foreign companies operating in Italy should apply their VAT refund in the 6 months following the end of the fiscal year (usually December 31st). In short, the VAT on invoices issued during 2012 will be refunded only if the application is filed before June 30th 2013 (6 months [...]

10 Business Dining Tips for Italy

2013-07-08T02:17:39+01:00By |Business Culture|

Quite some time ago I found a list of 10 business dining tips on the web. I can't remember the website - if anybody knows please contact me - but I took notes and I would like to share the 10 tips with you with my personal comment. Eventually you can find it helpful, especially [...]

How to: Open a Restaurant in Italy

2013-07-18T16:44:27+01:00By |How-to Italy|

Stefano here. Today I am going to introduce the first guest post and my colleague Monica. She’s manage the start up of a very successful restaurant franchising in Italy, now expanding all around Europe. Monica is an engineer by training, a financial officer by experience and an heavy fighter when it comes to deal with [...]

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