Italian Senate Vote To Appoint A King


The image of the post is a unique document: the very first law of the modern Italy. The Italian Senate and Congress meet together and – guess what they did – they appointed a King. The year was 1861, and the country was just unified. Not many people realized that Italy has more than two thousand years tradition, but the country you see today is young, it’s “just” 150 years old, not so much for a state.

Usually I write about doing business in Italy, this post is an exception to the rule, but I like everything that is historical and unique. If you are in the same mood, enjoy the translation.


The Senate and the Congress have approved
We have accepted and issued the following:
Article One

King Vittorio Emanuele The Second accepts for himself and his descendants the title of King of Italy.

We order that the present (law), sealed with the State seal, be recorded to the body of acts of the Government, and (we) command everybody to observe and enforce it as a law of the State.

(Place and) Date: Turin, 17 March 1861.
C. Cavour. M. Fanti.
M. Minghetti. T. Mamiani.
G. B. Cassinis. T. Corsi.
F. S. Vegezzi. U. Peruzzi.


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