Every week I receive requests by companies and individuals in the field of immigration. Italy is not an easy bureaucracy, and they can use the help of an inside man.

I know and I want to help.

But I don’t manage immigration (unless it’s part of a bigger project). So I asked my colleagues to provide an initial consult for a very small price. Michele, Fulvio and a few others agreed.

You can purchase an immigration assessment for Eur 50 (about $65) here.

Here is how it works:

  1. You pay Eur 50 (about $65). This is NOT my fee. It’s just a small payment to filter out the time wasters.
  2. You will be contacted by an immigration lawyer/consultant by email or telephone. He will suggest the best way to send your employees to Italy, or to relocate yourself;
  3. He will estimate the cost of the whole process in advance;
  4. If you decide to appoint him, he will reimburse you the small payment above.

When the process is closed, please let me know. I am always glad to know when this website has been helpful.

All the best!